Staff Bios

 Lee Maddan, Jr., President and CEO

Founder of Aqua Resources, Inc. Mr. Maddan is an accomplished visionary, discoverer, and researcher, with over 40 years of executive experience in a variety of creative and unique disciplines. He is charged with oversight of the day-to-day operations, to execute and guide the vision of the corporation, and to develop strategic alliances, critical vendor-based supply chains, and managing growth to see that our projections do not exceed our management capability.

 Edward McNeal, Secretary 

With over 8 years’ experience in this arena, Mr McNeal and his team maintain the corporate records, as well as management of the web-based information. He is charged with the day-to-day support of the CEO, to execute his vision, develop strategic meeting plans with recorded results, as well as develop the calendar and coordinate the required parties’ participation. 

 James Hamner, Chief Resource Officer (CRO)

Mr Hamner is responsible for optimizing the revenue performance of the company using Aqua’s new indirect (Go To Market) GTM model. This new model was developed and tested by two of our board members and has driven each of our current successes and their unique revenue success models. Our CRO is responsible identifying, selecting and mentoring these and future partnership; as well as prioritize our market capture efforts. Mentoring includes technical education support for industry required testing and validation, regulatory approvals and long-term support for the operational adoption. This team will own partner and customer success and coordinate all product development requirements and disputes. Our partners will most often have a background that is either someone considered a market thought leader, a leading company in that industry that recognizes our potential to assume the role of dominate market leader and or a successful serial entrepreneur. All which have the political clout, financial strength and spirit of a change agent. As well as prioritize our market capture efforts and insure we have a partner that not only has the ability to articulate the disruptive potential and the experience or market presence to use our technology in transitioning a market thereby creating a new market leader with Aqua and our partner sharing that success.

 Tom Strickland, COO, Vice President & Chief of Operations & Logistics

Mr Strickland and his team are responsible for oversight of all Plant Operations, implementation of Quality Control Program which monitor all Plant internal operations. He will be charged with commissioning all new plants and the logistic of planning depot refreshment, be able to perform all maintenance as well as possess expertise for all jobs in a plant.

Dr John Cairney, PhD. Chief of Life Sciences