Florida Operations

Aqua R&D Material Science Lab & Pilot PlantFort Walton Beach, FL

     Located at 1013 Stafford Street, Fort Walton Beach, FL where the development of the science is advanced. It is 2 miles from the inventor, Lee Maddan’s home. Operated by Kenneth Maddan, Manager with 1 trained technician. The hours of operation are from 9 to 5, five days a week. The location is small 2400 ft2 perfect for development and testing of new systems, materials and methods. It is plumbed, wired, and houses the appropriate equipment for the jobs required. There is no intent or plan to expand this location.

Aqua Life Science Lab (Bio Safety Level 2) – Fort Walton Beach, FL

    Our BSL 2 lab is located at 103 Rickey Ave, Suite D, Fort Walton Beach, FL, managed and operated by microbiologist Dr. John Cairney, PhD. The hours of operations are from 9 to 5, five days a week or as required. It has 1200 ft2 and is leased. A move to a larger location is anticipated. 

Dr. Cairney has been instrumental in discovering and demonstrating proof of concept for the use of magnesium hydroxide as a food/meat preservative, mildewcide, antifungal, and the DoD chem-bio program.