Antimicrobial (Microbial Countermeasure) Product

Aqua Resources Corp.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida, USA.
Contact Mr. Lee Maddan [Inventor, CTO, and Chairman of Board]: (850) 642-4580

Description of Antimicrobial (Microbial Countermeasure) Product

Aqua Resources Corp. (ARC) has developed micron-sized agglomerates composed of NanoPlatelets of Magnesium Oxide (MgO), termed NanoPlatelet Antimicrobial Spheres (NAS), which exhibit extremely strong biocidal activity against a range of bacterial species that are resistant to current antibiotics and generally recalcitrant to other biocides. NAS has high efficacy against Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens, including spore formers.

A complementary Nanotechnology developed by ARC utilizes Magnesium Hydroxide (anodized) Mg(OH)2 NanoPlatelets and is similarly effective. Aqua Resources Nano-Mg(OH)2 is effective against fungus causing ‘athletes foot’. The MgO and Mg(OH)2 nanoproducts are completely benign to animals and humans in all testing conducted so far. Compared to Existing technologies/therapeutics

The Life-cycles of current antibiotics continue to rapidly diminish and proving ineffective against continuously emerging MDROs. The new NanoPlatelet Antimicobial Sponges (NAS) were invetro tested by independent laboratories against CDC & W.H.O. designated problematic MRDOs, with NAS agent out-performing every parallel tested antibiotic. NAS and several of today’s most commonly used antibiotics were used in these parallel tests against both ATCC stock and clinical isolates of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Safely Kills on Contact
Specific, detail killing mechanism of action (MOA) of NP and NAS has yet to be fully assessed, but multiple killing mechanisms are indicated. Notably research indicates that killing occurs by simple contact between NP and/or NAS material and the pathogen, with no uptake or internalization of the nanomaterial by the pathogen. This kill-on-contact dynamic, confers specificity of targeting; where pathogen is identified and mitigation immediately begins until pathogen is totally destroyed.

The multiple killing mechanisms, coupled with the ability to customize NP configurations, greatly diminish the likelihood of mutation producing NP / NAS – resistant pathogens. Multi drug-resistant (MDR) pathogens tested are effectively mitigated by NP and NAS. Both safety and efficacy of this new, innovative nanotechnology result from finely controlled manipulation of the NP’s customized morphology, size, techniques, and the protocols employed. ARC holds the exclusive patent rights on this new innovative technology, covering 74 elements on the “Periodic Table”, and combinations thereof. NP and NAS anti-microbial properties are unprecedented and differ from current pathogen-killing-agents. NAS is non-toxic to human cells (Agar Overlay Test, MTT, Live/Dead Cell assay etc.) and proved a non-irritant in current animal tests (ISO Primary Skin Irritation Test). Very small nanoparticles (a few nm in their largest dimension) are often taken up by cells and exhibit toxic behavior within those cells.